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Scenic Route

Causeway Coastal Route

Scenic Route
  • On Causeway Coastal Route
    / On Causeway Coastal Route
    Photo: Jennifer Boyer, CC BY,
  • Belfast City Hall
    / Belfast City Hall
    Photo: William Murphy, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Antrim Coast
    / Antrim Coast
    Photo: Tony Webster, CC BY, Wikimedia Commons
  • Torr Head
    / Torr Head
    Photo: Ardfern, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • The Giants Causeway
    / The Giants Causeway
    Photo: Tourism Ireland Ltd
  • Torr Head
    / Torr Head
    Photo: Anne Burgess, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Guildhall, Londonderry
    / Guildhall, Londonderry
    Photo: Kenneth Allen, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Belfast Waterfront Hall
    / Belfast Waterfront Hall
    Photo: 3leeet12 , CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Queen's University of Belfast
    / Queen's University of Belfast
    Photo: Fasach Nua, CC0, Wikimedia Commons
  • Glenariff Forest Park
    / Glenariff Forest Park
    Photo: mauldy, CC BY-SA,
  • Dunseverick Castle
    / Dunseverick Castle
    Photo: Anne Burgess, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
Map / Causeway Coastal Route
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This scenic road stretches from the busy metropolis of Belfast to the charming city of Londonderry. With its beautiful coastline, gentle hills and lovely fishing villages, Causeway Coastal Route is indeed a feast for the eye.

215.4 km
2:40 h
1277 m
1282 m

Causeway Coastal Route is a scenic route of about 135 miles alongside the impressive coastline of Northern Ireland, following the historical Giant's Causeway, a stunning formation of about 40,000 basalt stone columns left by volcanic eruptions about 60 million years ago. It’s the country’s only natural monument and UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Alongside the route you can also find further points of interests: From the bustling metropolis of Belfast to the tranquil coastal city of Larne past the delightful Glenariff Forest Park, there is a huge variety of interesting sights waiting for you to discover them. If you feel like experiencing the country‘s history vividly you should stop by Dunseverick Castle, a former fortress on the beautiful coastline. Nature lovers can enjoy the spectacular views onto the sandy shores the headland of Torr Head. If you still can’t get enough of Northern Irland’s most impressive scenic route, you should stop by at the Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre as well.

Author’s recommendation

Stop by Glenariff Forest Park to take a stroll, explore the stunning landscape or just take a rest. User
Wolfgang Paulus
Updated: 2017-12-15

247 m
-4 m
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Safety information

Please inform beforehand about weather and road conditions.


Sturdy shoes, rainwear and provisions


Belfast, city center (6 m)
54.599819 N -5.939108 E
30U 310150 6054231


Londonderry, city center

Turn-by-turn directions

Departing from Belfast, we head in northeastern direction via A 12 and M2 until we get onto Shore Road (A 2). Following A 2 past Whitehead, after 25 miles we reach the small town of Larne. Further 12 miles ahead, we turn left onto B 97 and change onto A 42 after a few more miles. By doing so, we get further inland and get past Ballymena. We change onto A 26 and follow the road in northern direction past Armoy and Ballycastle. Before entering Ballycastle we turn left onto A 2 and change onto B 146 after approximately 9 miles in order to reach Dunseverick Castle. Further 4 miles on, we reach Giant’s Causeway Visitor Center. Then we continue sothwards on B 146, change onto A 2 (Whitepark Road), drive through Bushmills on B 17 and continue past Coleraine on A 29. Heading southwest past Macosquin, we drive through Springwell Forest on A 37 and reach Londonderry via A 2 and A 514 past Limavady and Ballykelly.

Public transport

Public transport friendly

Take the bus line 300a to Belfast city center at the bus stop 005801 of Belfast International Airport (BFS) (total length: approx. 50 minutes).

Getting there

From the international airport of Belfast (BFS) we get to Belfast city center via A 57, A 26 and A 52 (total distance: approx. 16 miles).


You can find signposted parking areas at the points of interest along Causeway Coastal Route.

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215.4 km
2:40 h
1277 m
1282 m
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