Kusel- proximity Rothselberg (Connection Palatine Trail) - Remigius- Wanderweg – - Long Distance Hiking - Palatinate

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Long Distance Hiking Multistage tour

Kusel- proximity Rothselberg (Connection Palatine Trail) - Remigius- Wanderweg –

Long Distance Hiking • Palatine Uplands and Donnersberg
  • Remigius Wanderweg bei Oberstauffenbach
    / Remigius Wanderweg bei Oberstauffenbach
    Photo: Julia Bingeser, Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Landkreis Kusel
  • Beim Falkner.
    / Beim Falkner.
    Photo: Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Rundblick vom Potzberg.
    / Rundblick vom Potzberg.
    Photo: Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Blick vom Potzberg
    / Blick vom Potzberg
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Wolfskirche
    / Wolfskirche
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Blick auf Kusel
    / Blick auf Kusel
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • Stadt- und Heimatmuseum Kusel
    / Stadt- und Heimatmuseum Kusel
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • Ruine Michelsburg, Ansicht 1
    / Ruine Michelsburg, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • Kirche St. Remigii.
    / Kirche St. Remigii.
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • Blick vom Steinbruchgelände zum Remigiusberg
    / Blick vom Steinbruchgelände zum Remigiusberg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • Der Dreieckstein
    / Der Dreieckstein
    Photo: Julia Bingeser, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • Flugshow im Wildpark Potzberg
    / Flugshow im Wildpark Potzberg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Fotograf: Karl Hoffmann
  • Wolfskirche, Ansicht 1
    / Wolfskirche, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • Ruine Sprengelburg
    / Ruine Sprengelburg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • Selbergturm
    / Selbergturm
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
Map / Kusel- proximity Rothselberg (Connection Palatine Trail) - Remigius- Wanderweg –
0 150 300 450 600 m km 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Wohnmobilstellplatz An den Tuchfabriken Tourist-Information und Mobilitätszentrale "Hin & Weg" Fritz Wunderlich Gedenkzimmer & Stadt- und Heimatmuseum Rübezahlbank in der Winterhelle Rastplatz unterhalb Remigiusberg Rastplatz mit Infotafel am Steinbruch Theisbergstegen Ruine Michelsburg / Haschbach Bahnhof Theisbergstegen Dreieckstein am Potzberg Wildpark und Greifvogelzoo mit Falknerei Wolfskirche in Bosenbach Landscheidhütte Eßweiler Ruine Sprengelburg Selbergturm

Quality route according to
A 39.8 km long hiking trail in the heart of the Palatinate Highlands, which is very well suited as a single or multi-day tour. 

From Kusel parking 1,5 km – Trail Marking: White "R" on a yellow background = feeder path to Winter helle.

From Winterhelle 38.3 km – Trail Marking: White "R" on a blue background - main trail with access to the "Pfälzer Höhenweg".

It joins the Pfälzer Höhenweg in Rothselberg   which then takes you about 4 km to Wolfstein.


46.9 km
14:09 h
1405 m
1444 m
The Remigius-Wanderweg   passes along the uneven landscape of the Palatinate Highlands, with stunning panoramic views of both the Hunsrück and the Palatinate. 

Along the way, romantically-situated benches invite you to sit down and simply enjoy.

On this hike, there are numerous possibilities to stop for a refreshment.


Author’s recommendation

Tour for Beginners (stages) and experienced hikers (day trip). 

No round trip.

Previously organize repatriation.

The slopes can cope better with sticks.

Pure nature! Take time to enjoy nature.


outdooractive.com User
Julia Bingeser
Updated: 2018-05-30

Quality route according to Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
542 m
184 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Wildpark und Greifvogelzoo mit Falknerei
Landscheidhütte Eßweiler
Gaststätte Camping am Königsberg
Historische Altstadt Wolfstein

Safety information

Partial results of the footpath across narrow paths and rocks. Good footwear is required.

For stroller the areas in the nature reserves are not suitable!

Especially in the fall is also necessary to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, roots, rocks or holes in the road. With paths impairments of this kind you can expect when you take a hike. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you in particular cut, then you should get round. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may be muddy and slippery passages come in natural ways.




Hiking gear and sturdy shoes are required. 

Walking sticks are recommended!


Tips, hints and links





66869 Kusel, railway station (224 m)
49.538615 N 7.407278 E
32U 384767 5488552


Palatine Trail at 67753 Rothselberg (67752 Wolfstein – approximately 4 km - on Palatine Trail)

Turn-by-turn directions

From the train station, follow the yellow-marked trail leading to the Remigius Wanderweg and the Winterhelle. There, the blue-marked trail begins leading from Kusel into the forest. Passing the Rübezahl bank and the sequoias, we reach the hill in Haschbach and are already rewarded with the views of the Remigiusberg with its Propstei and on the other side, the castle of Lichtenberg. We explore the geological diversity of the region down in the quarry   (viewing path with many display boards) and climb up the Potzberg in Theisbergstegen. 

During the ascent to the Potzberg, we pass   the Stollenquelle, an old source of mercury and which even today colours the path in yellow. Once on the Potzberg, it is worth making a detour to the lookout tower, 562 m high, or a longer rest in the Wildpark Potzberg with its unique air show.

We continue through Föckelberg, down to Oberstaufenbach and then having reached Niederstaufenbach   climb up the next hill. Having reached the summit we will be rewarded with the views of Wolfskirche Bosenbach. Through the dense forest of Bosenbach we reach the heights of Eßweiler that we then leave to visit the Sprengelburg. Once again, we then traverse forests and meadows with great panoramic views before we get to the tower of the Selberg.

In the course of the trail there are many benches and rest areas which invite you to linger as well as the numerous taverns and inns in the villages along the route.


Public transport

Public transport friendly

Rail connection in Kusel and Theisbergstegen, on the Palatine Trail in Wolfstein; 

Ruftaxi 2973 (Tel .: (06383) 1460 - Preorder at least 1 hour prior to the desired departure)


Getting there

By train: Kaiserslautern by regional train to Kusel (Possible entry on the way in Theisbergstegen) 

By car: Take the A62 (junction Kusel) or the B420



Hiking parking for entry available at the track.

Kusel railway station:                            Coordinates:     49° 32´ 16´´ N / 7° 24´ 37´´ E

Haschbach cemetery:                           Coordinates:     49° 31´ 41´´ N / 7° 25´ 57´´ E

Theisbergstegen railway station:       Coordinates:      49° 31´ 7´´   N /   7° 26´ 54´´ E

Wildlife park Potzberg:                         Coordinates:      49° 31´ 22´´ N / 7° 28´ 51´´ E  

                                                                                                 (also Wohnmobilstellplätze)

Wolfskirche (bei Bosenbach):             Coordinates:      49° 32´ 30´´ N / 7° 30´ 59´´ E

Sports ground Bosenbach:                  Coordinates:      49° 32´ 53´´ N / 7° 31´ 26´´ E

Kneipp pool Eßweiler:                          Coordinates:      49° 33´ 18´´ N / 7° 33´ 22´´ E

                                                                                                (also Wohnmobilstellplätze)

Parking Village center Eßweiler:      Coordinates:      49° 33´ 32´´ N / 7° 33´ 53´´ E

Landscheidhütte:                                   Coordinates:       49° 33´ 51´´ N / 7° 33´ 36´´ E


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

The Official Guide to the predicate paths Remigius & Veldenz www.pfaelerbergland.de

Author’s map recommendations

Topographic Map 1:25.000 „Westpfalz Mitte“ und „Westpfalz Nord“ Hiking in Palatine Uplands www.pfaelzerbergland.de

Book recommendations for this region:

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Julia Bingeser
2017-08-10 · Regional hiking tour · Rundwanderweg am Remigiusberg, Palatinate
Wegen Bauarbeiten ist vom 17.-18.8. 2017 der Weg zur Ruine Michelsburg gesperrt und nicht begehbar. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

Julia Bingeser
2017-05-23 · Regional hiking tour · Rundwanderweg um den Potzberg, Palatinate
Der Aussichtsturm auf dem Potzberg ist aktuell wegen Bauuntersuchungen geschlossen


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46.9 km
14:09 h
1405 m
1444 m
Public transport friendly Tour route Nice views With refreshment stops Cultural/historical value Geological highlights

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  • 3 Stages
Long Distance Hiking · Palatine Uplands and Donnersberg

Kusel - Potzberg - Remigius Wanderweg - Stage 1

Long Distance Hiking Blick von der Michelsburg
difficult Stage 1 open
12.9 km
4:00 h
578 m
295 m
by Juergen Wachowski,  Pfalz Touristik e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Palatine Uplands and Donnersberg

Potzberg - Bosenbach - Remigius Wanderweg - Stage 2

Long Distance Hiking Blick vom Potzberg
difficult Stage 2 open
11.8 km
3:31 h
295 m
601 m
by Juergen Wachowski,  Pfalz Touristik e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Palatine Uplands and Donnersberg

Bosenbach - Selberg - Remigius Wanderweg - Stage 3

Long Distance Hiking Bergwerkseinfahrt
difficult Stage 3 open
25.1 km
6:57 h
651 m
715 m
by Juergen Wachowski,  Pfalz Touristik e.V.
: hrs.
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