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DREAMANGO is Europe's most comprehensive source of inspiration and best planning aid for your journeys by car, motorhome, RV and motorcycle. For a leisurely Sunday excursion or a family holiday – on DREAMANGO you will discover the most beautiful routes, the most exciting tours, extraordinary travel destinations and countless tips on accommodation and pitches.


Holiday routes: discovery trip in the best season

On numerous holiday routes you can enjoy beautiful landscapes up close. Often lookouts and short hikes invite to further discoveries. Particularly noteworthy is the oldest holiday road in Germany: the German Alpine Road.

Theme routes: Get to know the region!

Theme routes always stick to a special motto. Following them you will encounter the historical, cultural and culinary highlights of a region – or you can trace the footsteps of well-known personalities.

Historical routes: Experience the past!

From ancient trade routes with historical background to routes that have become famous through film and television: Historical routes have interesting stories to tell.

Mountain roads: Serpentine after serpentine driving up

On these famous mountain roads the view and driving fun are the main factor. Far extends the landscape over which the view sweeps. Here your eyes are on the street - but also on the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

Coastal roads: so close to the water

Along the beach or on high cliffs with fantastic views: The element of water has all the coastal roads in common. At many vantage points the view sweeps to distant coasts, ships and islands - or simply to the horizon.

Professional material

In addition to detailed turn-by-turn directions and maps, all GPS tracks are available for download on DREAMANGO – a unique service that equips you for your journey to the dream destinations of this world.